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The tree library for the architectural drawing, 3d illustration and render

Cutout|trees Studio

The world's first cutouts website specialized in trees.

Cutout|trees is a registered brand. The website, launched in 2016, was the first one dedicated entirely to cut-out images of trees for professional architectural illustrations.

Our images have been used by many world-leading offices, and have been featured in several award-winning international architecture competitions. We constantly improve the process to meet the highest standards in tree specimen selection, photo-shooting, and production of images with transparent background.

The Library

434 tree images

Cutout|trees is a professional library of images with transparent background, ready to download. With a total of 434 tree, the library is regularly improved.

The diversity of the collection assures that the library has suitable trees for a wide range of image types, featuring all sorts of environments and projects. The library features tree species from diverse climatic regions, and specimens with diverse shapes, sizes, development stages, and seasons.

The trees

Carefully selected, meticulous masking.

We carefully select the tree specimens and use professional equipment to photograph them. The tree images with transparent background are meticulously created requiring hours to produce. All trees are identified by species.

The equipment and software we use are just as important as our botanic knowledge and our demanding standards for specimen selection and perfect image masking.

Growing catalogue

We take the necessary time to achieve the highest standards.

The catalogue features 434 tree images. We take the necessary time to achieve the highest standards for each of the images in the library, meticulously produced.

We never compromise on quality to meet our goal of simply having the best images and the most complete and diverse catalogue.

SPECIAL EDITIONS | PACKAGES AND LIBRARIES | featuring new "winter #2|snow" package





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WINTER COLLECTION PACKAGES : #1 Diverse trees | #2 Snow

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From the library

Some samples from the collection


NEW | Snow Winter Oak Tree L8

In Winter #2


NEW | WINTER #2 | Snow Package