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Studio for the production of tree images

Cutout|trees Studio

Cutout|trees is the first cut-out image website fully specialized in trees.

We make tree images with transparent background ready to download and use in professional architectural 3d illustrations. We constantly improve the process to meet the highest standards in tree specimen selection, photo-shooting and production of image with transparent background.

Our tree images have been used by many world’s leading offices, and have been featured in several award-winning international architecture competitions.

The Libray

Cutout|trees is a professional library with a total of 13 tree images and is constantly updated.

The diversity of the collection assures that the library has suitable trees for a wide range of image types, featuring all sorts of environments and projects. The library features tree species from diverse climatic regions, and specimens with diverse shapes, sizes, development stages, and seasons.

The trees

We carefully select the tree specimens and use professional equipment to photograph them. The tree images with transparent background are meticulously created requiring hours to produce.

All trees are identified by species. The equipment and software we use are just as important as our botanic knowledge and our demanding standards for specimen selection and perfect image masking.

Growing catalog

To be soon greatly expanded, the catalog features 136 tree images, inserted in 8 different packages.

Our demanding and meticulous image production process requires high consumption of time. We don’t ever compromise quality to fulfil our goal of having, simply, the best images, the most complete and diverse catalog of tree images. We take the necessary time to reach higher standards for each one of the images in the library.


From the library

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